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Live Scan Forms

Live Scan Forms

Live Scan Forms

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Live Scan Forms

Please note that as a courtesy to our customers we have blank Request for Live Scan Service forms available for your convenience.


* Blank Live Scan Request Form BCII8016
* Live Scan Service Form – BCII 8016A
* Form 8016 & 8016A Instructions

Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS)

* Alarm Company Operator
* Alarm Company Qualified Manager
* Alarm Company Qualified Manager Certificate w/Firearm Permit
* Alarm Agent Registration
* Alarm Agent Registration w/Firearm Permit
* Firearm Permit
* Locksmith Company License
* Locksmith Company Employee Registration
* Private Patrol Operator
* Private Patrol Operator License w/Firearm Permit
* Private Investigator License
* Private Investigator License w/Firearm Permit
* Proprietary Private Security Officer Registration
* Repossession Agency License
* Repossession Agency Qualified Manager Certificate
* Repossession Agency Employee Registration
* Security Guard Registration
* Security Guard Registration w/Firearm Permit
* Training Facility Firearm Certificate
* Training Facility Baton Certificate
* Training Instructor Baton Certificate
* Training Instructor Firearm Certificate
* Entertainment Firearms Permit Application & Live Scan Form

Contractors State License Board

* Contractors State License Board Information

Criminal Record Review / Foreign Adoption

* Criminal Record Review (Personal Use)
* Foreign Adoption

Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)


DMV Live Scan Form for

* Ambulance Driver Certificate
* Business Partner Automation Program/Registration Service Owner
* Business Partner Automation Program/Dealer Owner
* Business Partner Automation Program/Employee
* Dealer License
* Dismantler/Wrecker License
* Distributor License
* Distributor Representative License
* Driving School Instructor License
* Driving School Operator License
* Driving School Owner License
* Lessor/Retailer License
* Manufacturer License
* Manufacturer Representative License
* Registration Service License
* Salesperson License
* Transporter License
* Traffic Violation School Owner/Operator/Instructor License
* Vehicle Verifier Permit

Department of Real Estate (DRE)

* Real Estate

Department of Social Services

* Trust Line Live Scan Form – A1157
* CA Dept of Social Services – LIC 9163


* Teacher Credential
* UCLA Healthcare Request for Live Scan Service HRLSS


* California Certified Public Accountant
* Check Cashers Permit
* Deferred Deposit Transaction Law License
* Department of Corporations Broker-Dealer/Securities Agent
* Department of Corporations Finance Lender License
* Escrow Agents License
* Mortgage Banker License


* Gambling Card Room Key
* Gambling Card Room Owner
* Gambling Card Room Work Permit
* Gambling Third Party
* Tribal Gaming Key Employee
* Tribal Gaming Vendor

Healthcare / Medical / Psychological

* Acupuncture Board
* Board of Behavioral Sciences
* Board of Optometry
* Chiropractic
* Dental Board of California
* Doctor of Podiatric Medicine
* Naturopathic Doctor
* Registered Nurse – Endorsement/Examination
* Registered Nurse –License Renewal
* Vocational Nurse or Psychiatric Technician
* Pharmacists
* Pharmacy Intern
* Pharmacy Technician
* Pharmacy Wholesaler
* Physical Therapist or Physical Therapist Assistant
* Psychology
* Respiratory Care Practitioner
* Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Board


* Visa/Immigration/Work Visa/Student Visa/Letter of Good Conduct/Police Certificate/Citizenship
* Secretary of State Immigration Consultant

Legal Industry

* California State Bar Determination of Moral Character
* The State Bar of California
* Victim of Identity Theft
* Notary Public

More Forms

* DCA / Structural Pest Control Board
* Board of Occupational Therapy, DCA
* Cemetery and Funeral Bureau
* Electronic Recording Delivery System (ERDS Program)
* Emergency Medical Agency EMT-I Certification
* Fingerprint Processing Follow-up Request
* Professional Fiduciaries Bureau
* Applicant Agency Fingerprint Transaction Follow-up Request
* Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) & Home Health Aide (HHA)

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